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RecalBox Stuffz...

Post by Admin on Sun May 06, 2018 7:33 pm

Manage your recalbox settings ONLINE here;
Works great!

Recalbox website;

Default Username; Recalboxroot
Default Password; Root

Recalbox Manual Here;

Manage Recalbox from your pc or laptop.
Just type in; http://recalbox.local/configuration

Frontend commands :
B → Select
A → Back
Y → Switch Favorite on the roms list, contextual help in a menu X → Launch Kodi Start → Menu
Select → Options (reboot menu on systems screen)
R → Next Page
L → Previous Page

When you select a system with A, the screen change and show all available games.
When the game is running, go to the section During the game to see how you can go back to the frontend.

Special commands

Hotkey + Y → Save State
Hotkey + X → Load State
Hotkey + Up → Select Save Slot -1
Hotkey + Down → Select Save Slot +1

Hotkey + Start → End Game and Quit To Main Menu
Hotkey + A → Reset Game
Hotkey + B → Retroarch Menu
Hotkey + L1 → Screenshot

Hotkey + Right → Speedup game
Hotkey + Left → Rewind (if activated in options)

Hotkey + R2 → Next shader preset
Hotkey + L2 → Previous shader preset

In FBA and Mame, press Select to add a credit.
You can access retroarch configuration menu with Hotkey + B If you want to configure retroarch and save the config, you can select the "Save Settings on Exit" in the retroarch menu. After that, all configuration you make in rgui will be saved.

Root Access

  • Use the username 
     and the password 

  • You can connect through ssh to the recalbox.

  • You can access a terminal by quitting emulationstation with F4 and then press ALT+F2.

Hard reset

  • If you want to reset the system, plug an usb keyboard and press Shift at startup. You can reinstall recalboxOS from here. All your data will be erased.

Save States; 
You can save a state with Hotkey + Y You can load a state with Hotkey + X

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Re: RecalBox Stuffz...

Post by spotify web player on Tue May 15, 2018 6:41 am

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