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Antenna Tips

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:53 pm

Agreed, get a real antenna and get it up high! Even if it's just the attic. That made all the difference in the world in my setup (ex-rabbit ear guy)!  Directional antennas are far better than omnidirectional ones, but then you will need to see tip 2 below.

If you find on AntennaWeb that you have 1/2 your stations in one direction and the other half in another direction, get an antenna rotator. This also helps fine tune the stations. VHF channels suck for reception so it's best to have that antenna pointed straight at the station.  

If you cable the place yourself, use RG-6 (the fat stuff that's pretty common) and use only 1000 MHz or higher rated splitters, etc. The satellite rated stuff (2 GHz) is tops, but not necessary for OTA reception. The crap 900 MHz stuff is not worth it. Invest now so you don't pay later!

If you have one antenna and more than one TV get a real good quality amplifier. If you buy an antenna and it comes with one, it's probably crap. Whatever you do, don't get the under $20 900 MHz ones...they tend to degrade the signal actually! The best ones are those made for Cable TV installations called drop-amps. They come in all sizes from 2 ports to 8 ports. Since this is for OTA, you won't need to concern yourself with a 0 return loss bi-directional amp and thus save some money. Just search for "Cable TV Drop Amplifier" and you will find some good sources. They are rated at 1000 MHz and higher and are truly worth the money. Just make sure you also put terminating resistors on any unused ports to block out interference. I'm partial to the Electroline drop amps....they are water proof and heat proof meaning you can usually retrofit any pre-cabled locations easily.

And no, I'm not a TV salesman or have anything to do with video. I just know I spent some time (and wasted money) on trying to go OTA digitally with quality and thought about passing along some tips!

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