Albany Police Union Demands Repeal of NY Gun Law, Tells Cuomo It ‘Violates Fundamental Constitutional Rights’

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Albany Police Union Demands Repeal of NY Gun Law, Tells Cuomo It ‘Violates Fundamental Constitutional Rights’

Post by EdgaraJones on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:52 am

The Albany Police Officers Union condemns and opposes the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act (the “SAFE Act”). Substantively, we believe that it violates fundamental constitutional rights, that it is unduly and puropesly burdensome on law-abiding citizens, and that it will not deter criminals or mentally ill individuals from plotting and carrying out bloodshed and violence. Procedurally, we believe that the way in which the bill was rammed into law vi an unjustified and expedient “message of necessity”, which circumvented the right and the ability of the citizens of this State to voice their concerns about the bill and have them addresses, is an outrage. This flawed law, and the way in which it was rushed and passed, shows the apparent contempt that those who govern have for the governed, and calls into question whether we truly have a representational government. Morally, we believe that this law is about ideology and politics and not about making anyone safer. We respectfully demand that you do the right thing and repeal the law.

We as police officers are on the front lines of public safety. Respectfully, none of you are. We see, feel, work, and live with the effects of gun violence in ways that you do not. We believe that you see gun violence as a means to move your agenda and your ambitions forward. You know that the SAFE Act will not work in the way that you pretend it will…

The letter then goes on to show statistics which indicate that “less than 1% of New York Homicides” committed in 2011 involved the use of a so-called “assault rifle”, the very target of this legislation.
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