Cut & Paste Letter To CT State Senator Donald Williams

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Cut & Paste Letter To CT State Senator Donald Williams

Post by EdgaraJones on Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:14 pm

Feel free to cut and paste;

Senator Williams,

How dare you use illegal means to pass gun bill S1160. You know, or maybe it is due to utter incompetence, that to ECert a bill YOU must provide in writing the reason why the situation is an emergency in order to comply with CT statute 2-26.

You have violated your oath of office in knowingly violating statute 2-26 and you have also knowingly violated Article 1, Sec 15 which guarantees CT citizens "the right to bear and carry arms." You've also violated the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which also guarantees citizens the same right to bear arms.

You are a disgrace and should be impeached. What you did was not an accident nor was it an oversight, it was downright illegal. It was your attempt to make political hay on the backs of legal gun owners in CT and dead kids in Newtown. Blame Lanza, not the legal gun owners of CT. One can't go much lower than this.

Your dirty secret is out;



Edgara Jones


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