Malloy Threatens Veteran For Asking Too Many Questions!

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Malloy Threatens Veteran For Asking Too Many Questions!

Post by sWamp-Ass on Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:21 pm

Dear Patriots across America,

Yesterday and today I called the office of Governor Malloy in CT with several questions regarding the Unconstitutional gun and 30 round magazine ban he just illegally signed into law.

I asked if the Governor had a weapon I asked if the aids who were taking my phone calls carried and owned guns.

I was told its none of my damn business. Ha said I !! Really ?

I asked if this law banning 30 round magazines and rifles in CT would apply to ATF, the police and US Marshals and the US military or was it just the people of CT. They said just the people not the government. Really ? You don’t say ?

I asked if the aids understood the reason for the 2nd Amendment.

They had no clue.

I was hung-up on 5 times. I was threatened by Governor Malloy’s special aid called Melissa. She said she would set the CT State police on me if I kept calling in and asking these questions. She told me she would have the CT state police contact me and shut me down.

After I got off the floor from laughing. I called back and told the Communist to go ahead and call the State police. Go for it !! I gave her the number.

I then continued with my questions. She hung up on me. I called back again and asked for the phone number to the CT State police and she passed me to another Communist who threatened me too with the State police. What a joke.

They shut down the 2nd Amendment then try and intimidate me and shut down my 1st Amendment.

The phone number to Governor Malloy’s office is 1-800-406-1527.

Call his office and explain that his law is illegal and violates the Second Amendment.

The CT state police is 860-685-8000. Have an awesome evening.

Senior Chief Geoff Ross
US Navy retired

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