The Rush To Judgement At Sandy Hook

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The Rush To Judgement At Sandy Hook

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:39 pm

It wasn't very long after the Sandy Hook incident when the fanatical gun grabbing collectivists clamored for banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines as obviously, these very things played significant roles in the tragedy. But now, after it was finally leaked via the NY Daily News, we find that psychopath Adam Lanza had plotted this sick attack for not days, weeks or months, but years and he even had a large 7' X 4' mapped out blueprint.

Also found was the reason he chose Sandy Hook Elementary, it was defenseless. You see Schools are in "gun free zones" and by law, no one can legally have a gun inside this imaginary boundary. This effectively made, and makes, those in schools defenseless sitting ducks and Adam not only knew this, but reveled in it. Sometimes the unintended consequences of reckless and superficial knee jerk law making can be all too costly.

Given that we now know this, why are the opportunist politicians still attacking legal gun owners and legal gun manufacturers? Is this a scam to cover up their incompetence and the ineffectiveness of dumb laws that criminals don't follow anyway? And, why is it that those who follow laws and threaten no one, are being attacked? Why isn't the gun control crowd addressing the politicians who passed laws like "gun free zones" for their complicity? Don't even try to argue that this isn't true, Lanza admitted it!

Adam drove his mother's car to Sandy Hook yet no one attacks the automobile manufacturer for their connection in his plot. Adam was most likely on all sorts of anti-depressants and legal drugs and we now know that anti-depressants very often cause depression, violent behavior and suicide yet none of the politicians attack the drug manufacturers or the idiot professionals who dole them out by the bottles full.

Nothing was going to stop Adam Lanza, not ineffective laws, not gun free zones, not 10 round limits on magazines. Realistically, there are probably only a couple of ways this tragedy could have been prevented. One is that his sickness was not enabled and furthered by his closest caretakers who should have been helping him. And two, if someone in and on the school grounds was carrying a gun whether it be the principal, a police or security officer, a janitor or a bus driver.

It's time to stop attacking the legal gun owners and the legal gun manufacturers in Connecticut especially since they are not threatening or harming anyone and they are reasonably the only people who could have prevented or at least limited the severity of the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

It's not moral or reasonable to convict in advance, lock up, or take away anyones rights to own property or defend their life, liberty and property as they see fit because of things that they could possibly do, things that you have conjured up in your paranoid imagination if they threaten to harm no one.

Your neighbors possession of a gun is not a reason enough to believe you will be harmed by it just like his possession of a machete, baseball bat, butcher knife, can of gas, lawn mower, hammer, lead pipe or pick ax isn't.

If there are a couple of things that are for certain they are that the attack on legal gun owners and gun manufacturers is a scam and those who support it are the useful idiots that the politicians count on to get them re-elected next term.

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