Gun Grabbers, Chicken Little & The Sky Is Falling

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Gun Grabbers, Chicken Little & The Sky Is Falling

Post by EdgaraJones on Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:12 pm

Chicken Little, The Sky is Falling & Gun Grabbers.
Posted on February 2, 2013 at 5:05 pm

Dear Mr. Gun Grabber,

You say that the gun nuts are running around like chicken little frantically proclaiming that the sky is falling. It's ad-hominem and it's a cheap shot, but let's examine the premise because maybe, just maybe, the sky is falling?

Those who support an individuals right to life, liberty and property also believe in the individual's right to defend those god-given inalienable rights. Any step, whether you see it as big or small, to take these rights away or diminish them by any extent is seen by defenders of liberty as a precedent that can't be tolerated.

Is the sky falling, as you say? Yes, it is if by that you mean that a bad precedent is still a precedent. The precedent you are supporting is an advocation of injustice on those who've broken no laws or threatened or hurt no one. What you wish to do is to diminish the freedom of your neighbors to own property and defend, as they see fit, their most valuable possessions, their family, life and liberty.

You may see this as infinitesimal, but some of us see it as a crime as serious as any. The first step on any journey is often the most important. Any step closer to tyranny or slavery is one that must be stopped because if not, before you realize it, the momentum is too great and it becomes too late to stop. So yes Mr. Gun Grabber, the sky is falling.


Edgara Jones


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