Let's Have A Sensible Discussion On Gun Control Part II

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Let's Have A Sensible Discussion On Gun Control Part II

Post by sWamp-Ass on Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:06 pm

Newtown, Gun Control and Tyranny.

A while back I wrote a piece based on the premise that there can be no "sensible discussion" (link below) on gun control. I'd like to continue that discussion here.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, things have gotten way out of hand. The discussion to further gun control has now become "sensible" or "reasonable." What do those words "sensible" or "reasonable" mean in this context?  Hmmm me thinks I smell a rat? 

There is no such thing as a "sensible" discussion on gun control as long as one believes in an individuals right to live in peace and freedom, period. The left has been given to much leeway in the discussion on Sandy Hook, gun control and too many other topics. It's time to get real, roll up our sleeves, take the gloves off and have a "sensible" discussion about the tyranny of the left and politicians like the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.

First, anyone who supports gun control is commie. That's right, I said it. I said it because it's true. I will not tolerate semantics here. The truth of the matter is that Communists beileve in socialism, government ownership or control of the means of production, the redistribution of wealth, totalitarianism of the state, the rights of the collective and the supression of individual inalienable rights to life, libery and property. Does almost every gun grabbing gun control zealot believe in these things? The answer is yes.  Gun grabbers please do not deny it.  You all voted for Obama right?  You all support the things he's done and people like Mayor of NY Bloomberg who wishes to ban 32 Big Gulps, french fry oil, pain killers in hospitals, guns, etc., right?

Yes, face the facts, all gun grabbers are commies. They all believe in supressing the individual's right to defend their freedom as they see fit. When anyone wishes to suppress, limit or take away your right to keep yourself free, they are advocating communism or the imposition of collective goals and the simultaneous removal of an individual's right to liberty. If this is not communism, then nothing is.

Communism is collectivism, or the subordination, supression or eradication of individual rights to that of the collective. Communism is based on the theory that everything that is done is done for the good of the whole or the collective. Collective rights (which in essence do not really exist) trump individual rights.

Communisms, collectivism, socialism, totalitariansim, nationalism are really all just brothers and sisters of the same parents, too little difference to concern anyone who believes in morality or honest discussion.

In a just and free society of the kink moral and honest people believe in, government believes in the rule of law and justice.

Law and justice are a negative concepts which means that the government doesn't impose "justice" on individuals, it does the opposite or removes injustice where it occurs based on a system of consistent rules, laws and due process.

Government does not punish those who do not threaten or hurt others as this would be imposing injustice the very thing we set government up to protect us from. But, government does trie to remove injustices where it finds them.

Inustice is any action or anyone that that takes away or threatens to take away anothers right to due process, justice or another's property or threatens to cause them harm. These threats can't be simply hunches or speculation, they have to be legitimate and real. Gun control is an attempt to make equivalent imaginary and illegitmate and real threats.   It goal is to use this connection to take way the right of others to be free, to live as they see fit and defend this way of life as they see fit. This is force and to any degree big or small that it is introduced or imposed, it is illegitimate force. It is nothing more than the tyranny of the state. It is nothing more than the tyranny of the state with our without popular support and support doesn't matter. To take away the freedom of innocent people is just as evil with popular consent as without, just think about slavery in the pre-civil war south, the internment of the Japanese during WW2, or the treatment of blacks under "black codees" or the American Indians almost throughout American history.  Make no mistake about it, those who did or supported these abuses were evil, and those who support this type of collectivist thinking today are as well.

Your President is one of these people.  He's a collectivist.  Don't be alarmed at my statement. He is. It's true and we know this.  His childhood mentor and most likely his REAL father, Frank Marshall Davis was literally a card carrying communist party member. Obama embraced these types and their ideas. Remember Bill Ayers, Van Jones, and Saul Alinsky?  Obama taught radical Alinskyism during his "community organizer" days.   Obama doesn't believe in individual rights, he believes in the concentration and expansion of state power. You see that in almost everything he supports from his warmongering, extraConstitutional drone killings and assassinations, expansion of nationalized health care, and now his efforts to further gun control.  They all have the same goal, concentrate power into the hands of the state and people like him.

There were probably between 100-200 million innocent people killed during the course of the 20th century in the name of the greater good of the collective by Communist governments under regimes headed by the likes of Mao, Stalin, Hitler and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. In every case, the governments disarmed these people, then committed democide for the good of the whole. Gun control is a method that just makes democide so much more convenient.  

Make no mistake about it, there can't be a sensible discussion on gun control until it's acknowleged that those who advocate it are commies and that these people and their beliefs are a threat to a free society. Their culture is not a peaceful culture.  Their culture is sick, and it's evil and we'd better acknowlege and face this whether we like it or not.

The ends never justify the means. Only the means justify the means. Destroying freedom and imposing slavery to instill some gulag state of security is not progressive, it is insanity. One simply can't do good by doing bad. One simply cannot justify or rationalize doing bad because you have good intentions. Destroying liberty and replacing it with a slave/police state is not good because some will feel safer.

No, there can't be a rational or sensible discussion on gun control unless we really and honestly examine the end game of gun control advocates.  The end game is disarmng the citizenry.  The end game is the creation, via disarmament, of a totalitarian government that they, the elite can centrally manage and plan.  The end game is a gulag nation hell.


Eisenhower said if you want security go to prison.   This is what the commie gun grabbers are attempting to implement on grandest of scales.


*Edgara's post on "A Sensible Discussion on Gun Control" here.


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