Adam Lanza, Gun Control, Newtown, In a Nutshell.

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Adam Lanza, Gun Control, Newtown, In a Nutshell.

Post by sWamp-Ass on Tue Dec 18, 2012 9:39 pm

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Gun Control, Adam Lanza & Newtown;

When the issue of gun control is discussed in relation to the Adam Lanza Newtown incident, itís important to understand that what gun control advocates are really talking about is taking away the rights of ALL innocent gun owners because of the actions of ONE psychopathic NON-LEGAL gun owner.

Don't forget, ADAM LANZA WAS NOT A LEGAL GUN OWNER, nor does he represent them.

Gun control advocates want to impose injustice (violate property rights) on those (legal/innocent gun owners) who've done nothing to threaten anyone.

In a nation of law and justice it is the purpose of government to remove injustice, not impose it on innocents.

In a nation of justice we punish the guilty or deprive them of property or liberty ONLY after giving them due process and fair hearing. What gun control advocates seek to do is to render an advanced guilty verdict and sentence on innocent people based on what they might or could do.

By this logic, shouldnít everyone should be locked up, and every sharp object, rock and club banned?

Finally, letís take gun control to itís logical conclusion which is the complete disarmament of the citizenry. When this happens, what do we have? We have totalitarianism because when only the government has weapons, then the government has all the power. And, whatís next? Well, just keep in mind that now the vote doesnít really matter anymore because the right to vote is nothing more than a luxury that the government can now revoke any time it wants. At this point, the government can and has the capability to do whatever it wants. Whatever it wants, whenever it wants. This is not good and this will not end well.

In short, we are born with the inalienable right to life, liberty and property and to take away an innocent individual's right to protect and defend those rights, something to be subjugated to the whims of government, is to render those fundamental human rights null and void.

Must Watch Video On Gun Control in Context of History;

ďInnocents BetrayedĒ


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