Post this on any f*ckers facebook who says the first thing about gun-control in relation to the Newtown incident.

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Post this on any f*ckers facebook who says the first thing about gun-control in relation to the Newtown incident.

Post by sWamp-Ass on Fri Dec 14, 2012 5:45 pm

Now, the cries begin to ban guns. If it was that easy, why not just ban psychopaths. Isn't it already illegal to take a gun into a school or even near one? Isn't it already illegal to kill innocent children? The thing is, sickos don't follow laws and seldom take the time to study them. There are all sorts of ways to do sick things like in 1927 when a Michigan school was BOMBED and 45 innocent children were killed or even TODAY when a sicko in China stabbed 22 children in an elementary school. Only law abiding citizens obey the laws. The cretins don't and will never. Stop turning innocents into helpless defenseless victims with pointless laws.

Why don't we ban murdering, molestation, theft, muggings, killing wifes or husbands, prostitution, drugs and even the devil himself... oh wait, we've already done that (except for the devil) and all these things are still amongst us???? I wonder why?

We cannot ban the crimes i've just mentioned? YES WE ALREADY HAVE! And, it just doesn't work. We've even banned guns in places like Washington D.C. and it now has one of the highest murder rates in the USA. Laws don't work and never really have. Funny thing about laws, the criminals and psychos just don't seem to abide by them. They only work for those who don't do those things anyway.

Raise your kids. Raise your kids right. Stop enabling those who don't. Stop taking away the freedom of those who've done nothing to threaten anyone. When you don't have the freedom to defend your life or liberty, you are nothing more than a slave. When this condition is permanent, it's called a police state where there are just two classes; you have the guards and the prisoners. Funny, but I don't wish to be a prisoner in your prison utopia.

I obey the laws. I raise my kids right. I don't want to be punished for crimes I've never committed. I want to live free and not be enslaved by those who choose subjugate their free will for the security of a gulag nation. "If you want security, go to prison." I think Eisenhower said that. You will never be able to create a risk free world and your an eternal attempt to l create one will create nothing but one big nightmare.


Knife-wielding man injures 22 children in China
By Terril Yue Jones
1:48 a.m. EST, December 14, 2012
BEIJING (Reuters) - A knife-wielding man slashed 22 children and an adult at an elementary school in central China on Friday, state media reported, the latest in a series of attacks on schoolchildren in the country.

The man attacked the children at the gate of a school in Chenpeng village in Henan province, the Xinhua news agency reported.

Police arrested a 36-year-old man, identified as villager Min Yingjun, Xinhua said. It did not give further details of the extent of the injuries.

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There have been a series of attacks on schools and schoolchildren around China in recent years, some by people who have lost their jobs or felt left out of the country's economic boom.

The rash of violence has prompted public calls for more measures to protect the young in a country where many couples only have one child.

In 2010, a man slashed 28 children, two teachers and a security guard in a kindergarten in eastern China.

(Editing by Jonathan Standing)

Source/More Here; Hartford, CT Courant

The worst mass school murder in American history took place on May 18,1927 in Bath Township, Mich., when a former school board member set off three bombs that killed 45 people.

I'm a little confused about the gun control argument. So help me out here. Isn't it already against the law to take a gun into a school? Isn't it already against the law to kill children? How is it going to help by adding still more laws to the books that people will ignore? Sure, more laws means you can increase the punishment by making criminals guilty of more crimes, but that's not much help for the victims or their families. And let's face it, folks: if you shoot a child, you're a criminal. You are the lowest of the low.


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