Obama Born in the Philippines???

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Obama Born in the Philippines???

Post by sWamp-Ass on Tue Oct 23, 2012 5:35 pm

This Barry Obama was not born in August of 1961, but as Obama blundered out in he was born earlier in the summer of 1961 to the Filipina Asian prostitute named Anna.
She was paid a small sum for the child and her efforts to disappear in being sent back to the Philippines.
Anna Chin Obama
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Barack Obama's real name is Barry Chin after his ethnic Sino Nippon heritage of his mother. Obama is Chinese and Japanese and is why he bows to those people's leaders. The same in he bows to the King of Saudi Arabia due to Obama having Shia Osseiran slave trader bloodlines with east coastal African lines, not of Kenyan roots, but more akin to the Horn of Africa roots.

There is on WTPOTUS some fine documents from immigration officials and doo gooder churchy types who think you can take the monkey out of the jungle and they will stop putting bananas up their butts, but in those documents, the reality B. Hussein Obama I is sexual prevert whose main concern was seeing who he could stick his bic into.

Obama sr. always looking for the best deal in America, readily jumped Anna Chin, his paid for communist Comfort Woman, as she was papered as an America, but the woman after producing a child to entrap Obama for the Ugly American plan of Sugarland breeding programs to take control over foreign nations by fathering a race of bastards on Obama imports, had enough of all of this and was let go back to the Philippines to keep her silent as Stan Ann assumed her motherhood identity.
That is why Stan Ann pictured in a bikini on a beach in the summer of 1961 was not pregnant. Anna Chin was, and was about to give birth in July.

It was this infatuation with Obama sr, by Stan Ann which formulated the plan in the weeks after Barry Chin's birth.
Stan Amour was already prostituting his daughter at Lederer's Bar in showing her around there in her being underage. The fact is Stan Armour saw in this designer negro child his place as power behind the throne of Kenya as white master.

I have a mind blower here too, in Stan and Stan never knew that Barry was not the real son of Barack sr. They were suckered with the information fed to them by their communist masters. Thee only people who ever knew the identity of Barry Chin, his real father in the Dock Worker, was Madam Ho, Anna Chin and the handlers who were intent from Moscow to take over Kenya from the British with Marxist Obama and son, even if the son was a Horn of Africa child as in Somalia who would have been rejected by the Nairobi bunch as they hate Somalians as both are always in feudal war.

That is why Anna Chin was murdered as was the sperm donor by the communists at large in Hawaii, and those agents who followed Anna home to the Philippines. The story had to be covered up, and Anna Obama became Anna Chin, and all thought that Barack sr. was the daddy after Ms. Chin was dead.
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