The End to the Dollar In 28 Weeks or Less.

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The End to the Dollar In 28 Weeks or Less.

Post by sWamp-Ass on Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:30 pm

Folks, it's real. The sky is falling. Greece is gone, Portugal is gone, Spain is going, so are Italy, Ireland, and soon, the USSA and England. Max Keiser predicts that by April, the USSA dollar will be virtually worthless. It will be replaced with the SDR (Special Drawing Rights), a new "global" dollar issued by the IMF. You will be able to trade in your USSA money for 70 cents on the dollar. In other words, you will lose 30% of the value of your dollars when you trade them in for the SDR and this doesn't account for what they dollar will be worth at this time of hyperinflation. In other words, you will lose at least 50% of the real value of any dollars you have at this time. The time to get out is now and that is why, in case you haven't noticed, the price of gold and silver is skyrocketing. The IMF will own everything, including the USSA. Within a few years you will be paying taxes to the IMF. The tax starts here; , but remember, this is only the start. Look here; - see what I mean...


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