No One Should Go Hungry...

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No One Should Go Hungry...

Post by sWamp-Ass on Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:07 pm

"The citizens of this country have decided that people should not go hungry and through their representatives, both Republican and Democrat, have established a nutrition program and a school lunch program."

I.E. MOB RULE and might makes right.

There is no morality or philanthropy when force enters into the equation of the redistribution of labor. You do not do what's moral by taking from others what is not yours, and redistributing to others to whom it doesn't belong just because you are backed by and hide behind a mob some call a majority. And, getting government to do your stealing for you doesn't magically transform the plunder you endorse and embrace into something angelic.

Call it what you will, but what this logic advocates is not to any degree civil, moral or progressive. What it advocates and enforces is simply the might and intolerance of the majority. This thinking attempts to rationalize and justify a type of "moral" slavery that believes taking the labor of others is philanthropic when done under the banner of the "common good" and with the approval of the majority (called democracy, the party, the common good or the government). This is the same reasoning that has justified EVERY ONE of the worlds greatest atrocities and it already has a name, collectivism.


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