You've Been Had...

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You've Been Had...

Post by sWamp-Ass on Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:55 pm

Suckers, Every Single One Of You...

Forget the nonsense about taxes and who should pay more or less,,, even if they confiscate everything everyone makes it just ain't enough to bail us out of this mess.

We are beyond tinkering with the system now. The total take from income taxes is what 2-4 trillion per year and this all goes just to service the interest. Your taxes do not pay down a dime of the debt, not 1%, not a nickel and not even a penny.

Face the fact. Your income taxes, EVERY CENT, go right to the FEDERAL RESERVE. It's all theirs baby.

I think it's time to come up with a better plan and this ain't no job for any shade tree mechanics. This ain't my debt and it probably is not yours either. Let them, the government and the banks and the corporations, stick their debt up their chimneys and let's start over without them and their Ponzi scheming shenanigans.

And, to all those with the bleeding hearts and charitable intentions, keep this out of any new governmental schemes and contain it amongst you and your like minded philanthropists. Be as charitable as you want, with YOUR OWN money. Government is supposed to protect our life, liberty & property, not provide us with anything else as that's the faulty thinking that got us into this whole mess to begin with. If we just let the banks and auto companies go broke, this mess would probably be all over by now. Now they'll start WW3 & appeal to patriotism as an excuse to rob us of our last pennies and freedoms as we enter our new Soviet style era.

You must realize that giving government the privilege of all having access to all this money (and borrowing and printing and taxes of all sorts) to do good also give it the resources to do an equal amount of harm?

You have all been scammed and you are guilty of self-inflicted wounds. Stop blaming each other! This has NOTHING TO DO WITH REVENUE! This is not about who pays more or less in taxes and if you think that makes a difference then you are a fool. They have gotten us all infighting, meanwhile the crooked politicians and their cronies at The Federal Reserve, GE, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, etc are riding off into the sunset with bags full of gold, YOUR GOLD.

People, keep pointing fingers at each other just like mainstream media, the mouthpiece of the crooked banksters and criminal politicians (all of them) want you to.

Suckers, every single on of you.


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