Logan Jerkfinkle / Charlie Cantor

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Logan Jerkfinkle / Charlie Cantor

Post by sWamp-Ass on Thu Sep 06, 2012 5:12 pm

One of the funniest actors to ever live, Charlie Cantor.
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Charlie Cantor's "Logan Jerkfinkle" appears on Jack Benny Radio Shows; 4-21, 4-28, and 5-5-1940 shows from New York. Cantor also came back on the 12-15-1940 show from NY as Jack's bodyguard Killer Hogan.

Cantor also worked off and on with Jack on radio. During the late 1930's and early 40's, Charles Cantor was a member of Fred Allen's regular stock company, and when Jack would bring his show to NYC, Jack would usually use regular supporting cast members from Allen's show (Charles Cantor, John Brown, Minerva Pious, etc.) on his NYC broadcasts...it was cheaper and easier than bringing his own West Coast stock company across the country.

Charles Cantor was very versatile and talented....not only could he play "dumb and stupid" characters (he played "Clifton Finnegan" on "Duffy's Tavern"), but he was also great at playing timid "Casper Milquetoast"-type and flamboyant, effiminate characters.

During a 1938 NYC-based show where Jack and Mary went Christmas shopping in Manhattan, Cantor received huge laughs as a wildly effiminate floorwalker.....

Early in the "shopping" sketch, Jack asks the floorwalker for store directions and they end up getting into an argument, and Cantor yells, "Oh, go back to Hollywood and squeeze an orange!". A little later in the sketch, Jack needs further directions....He sees the floorwalker again and asks for directions, but the floorwalker immediately snaps back, "I'm not SPEAKING to you!" and goes off in a huff. The studio audience HOWLS, and you can tell that Jack had a tough time not breaking up after THAT one!

Charles Cantor not only played those dopey characters like "Clifton Finnegan" on "Duffy's Tavern", but he played the flamboyant "Casper Milquetoast."

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