Total Financial Collapse by April a 99% Certainty; Max Kaiser

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Total Financial Collapse by April a 99% Certainty; Max Kaiser

Post by sWamp-Ass on Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:55 pm

economic collapse
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Some Important people, in the know, who say a collapse is emminent;
    Jim Rogers
    Peter Schiff
    Max Kaiser
    Gerald Celente
    Webster Tarpley
    Lew Rockwell

Soros Dumps Stocks & Buys 130M in Gold!

In a harbinger of what may be coming our way in the Fall of 2012, billionaire financier George Soros has sold all of his equity positions in major financial stocks according to a 13-F report filed with the SEC for the quarter ending June 30, 2012.

Soros, who manages funds through various accounts in the US and the Cayman Islands, has reportedly unloaded over one million shares of stock in financial companies and banks that include Citigroup (420,000 shares), JP Morgan (701,400 shares) and Goldman Sachs (120,000 shares). The total value of the stock sales amounts to nearly $50 million.

What’s equally as interesting as his sale of major financials is where Soros has shifted his money. At the same time he was selling bank stocks, he was acquiring some 884,000 shares (approx. $130 million) of Gold via the SPDR Gold Trust.

Source/Business Insider/More Here

Total central bank gold purchases in the second quarter were more than double the level reported just one year earlier, at 157.5 metric tons! Source; Newsweek

USSA Government Hoarding Ammo!

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ) Bought 46,000 Rounds of Jacketed hollow points Ammo!Source/Business Insider

Scott Smullen, the Deputy Director of NOAA Communications & External Affairs says
"there are 111 special agents and 23 enforcement officers, bringing the total number of OLE agents to 134. "And here," he says, "is a succinct way of explaining what OLE folks do:" Source/Business Insider

NOAA officers and agents enforce the nation's ocean and fishing laws to ensure a level playing field for fishermen and to protect marine species like whales, dolphins and turtles.

ICE/DHS bought 450M .40 Caliber bullets March 13th.

ANOKA, Minn., March 13 (UPI) -- As many as 450 million rounds of .40-caliber ammunition are being produced for USSA government agencies by ATK of Minnesota.

DHS bouth 750M rounds in August. Source;

Russia Planning Invastion???

There’s talk inside Homeland Security offices that Russian Spetsnaz commandos are infiltrating into the U.S.A from Canada. He said it’s been underway all summer, and he estimated the number of commandos at the present time inside the U.S.A to be in excess of 20,000.”

Trends Research Institute Founder Gerald Celente told Lew Rockwell of the von Mises Institute, Tuesday, “I believe we’re facing another 9-11 moment of some sort. Whether it’s false-flag [or] real. Whether it’s economic or geopolitical, something in my bones is telling me that you better be prepared now, because this thing is coming down fast.”

Celente strongly suggests Americans follow the “Celente’s 3-G’s” for survival during these extraordinary times of American history. The 3-G’s include: Gold, Guns and a Getaway plan.

Source/More Here/


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