How to Pack an Eco-Friendly Lunch

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How to Pack an Eco-Friendly Lunch

Post by kaptainsteve on Thu Aug 16, 2012 12:33 pm

I recently read an article about "
How to Pack an Eco-Friendly Lunch" it made me sick to my stomach and here's my response...


Let's just stick to one item to be brief, cloth napkins. How is it determined that cloth napkins are more "eco-friendly?"

Let's ask the some logical questions;

Is paper a renewable resource? Answer, yes, just like whole wheat used for bread or cotton used for cloth napkins.

Is paper more sanitary and safe than cloth? Answer, yes. Every time
cloth napkins are washed it needs to be assured that they are sterilized
(and kept that way) or a risk to one's health is introduced that is not
present with paper napkins, already sterilized.

Finally, are all the resources used accounted for when coming up with this conclusion that cloth is better? Answer is NO.

For example, does growing, harvesting and producing cotton napkins
use more or less resources than paper? Are the resources used for
maintaining cloth napkins factored in, for instance resources needed to
produce washing machines, the electricity used to operate them, the
detergent, the bleach, the plastic bottles that they come in, the
production and conditioning of the water used to clean them and all the
chemicals used therin and their disposal? The answer to all these
questions is NO!

So, to promote the idea that cloth napkins are more "eco friendly"
than paper is not factual, it's opinion presented as fact but worse, it
has a hidden agenda which is the promotion of governmental regulation
and control over every aspect of our lives from what we eat to what we
use to wipe our ..... mouths.

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