Joker's Records Sealed By Judge!

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Joker's Records Sealed By Judge!

Post by sWamp-Ass on Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:11 am

"In weighing the public interests versus the private interests, the public interest would not be served by disclosing additional records. Mr. Holmes could potentially be significantly impacted by the release of his records and any corresponding publicity."
Arapahoe County Sheriff J. Grayson Robinson wrote in a response to Yahoo News.

The gag order has prohibited the University of Colorado from releasing public records related to the suspect's time there as a Ph.D. neuroscience student. The Aurora Police Department has also stopped answering routine questions about the shooting.

Yahoo News.

Is anyone starting to see a pattern here? It seems like most of these "crazed lone gunman" types either worked for the Feds/CIA in "Neuroscience" or were under the care of someone who did.

The word you are looking for right now is "Psy-op."

Is it a far leap to speculate that these "crazed lone gunman" types were groomed by the government for missions just like this?

“We are seeing a pattern behavior that indicates that the USSA government is involved in a program, clearly involved in a program to break down the cohesive aspects of USSA society. To make people complacent, fearful, to feel separated, to feel dependent, to not question the government at all.
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today in an article called: “Con Job: Mass Shootings and Pattern Recognition.”

"Operation Northwoods," "Remember the Maine," The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, "Operation Fast and Furious" are all well documented false flag attack attempts orchestrated by the USSA government. What proof do we have that these latest tragedies are not similar?

Article on this here


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