Not Mine To Pay...

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Not Mine To Pay...

Post by sWamp-Ass on Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:47 pm

Who gave any of these lying crooks (politicians) the right to spend more than they took in???? Who gave them the right to burden our children and grandchildren with debt and probably worse, a crash of the dollar? How dare anyone tell me I should be taxed more for this! How dare anyone tell me I should be taxed more for this and like it like it's my responsiblity! Why? How?

Me, my children or my grandchildren are not accountable to you, or the crooked politicians that stole and borrowed and printed money like it was nothing. Believe me, I never voted for any of them because I WON'T GIVE THEM MY SANCTION but those who voted for them did.

There is a big problem here, and it is theft, pure and simple, and to believe that we should all pay for this is ridiculous. You all vote for the neighborhood crook to be nightwatchman and he steals your tv and you want me and my children to pay for it???? What arrogance. What nonsense.

Are you all brainwashed? The Federal Reserve in cahoots with all the lying politicians since 1913 have committed a crime, and to think otherwise is to have your head in the sand or someplace worse.

This righteousness about taxing the "rich" is just extending the theft & the immorality further. The "rich" won't pay anyway, it will be me and my children who'll pay.

Davey Crockett said it better than me, and if you disagree with me, you should all read/watch this;

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