Right vs. Left, Romney Vs. Obama & False Choices.

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Right vs. Left, Romney Vs. Obama & False Choices.

Post by sWamp-Ass on Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:24 pm

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Why is it that all political discussions seem to always break down this way; criticize Obama and you are far right. criticize Romney and you are a socialist. Are these the only two choices? Are these the only two camps, the right or the left?

No, these aren't the only two camps but both the Democrats, Republicans and the mainstream media want you to believe that. The reason that they want you to believe that is simple, it protects the status quo. When you polarize every discussion into the left vs right paradigm, and this eliminates everybody else or places them where they don't belong. They are locked out of the discussion, dismissed as the fringe.

What about independents and those who support 3rd parties? Where do these people fall or are they wasting their vote? The logic usually goes something like this, if you waste your vote on an independent or a 3rd party, you will just be throwing your vote away because they can't win? Hmmmmm, oh really? Let's think about that for a second.

If everyone believes that, then that logic is right. But the assumption here is "if everyone believes that." If everyone is scared to vote for a minor party, then of course, only one or the other of the big 2 can win and there lies the problem, people don't vote with their hearts and their morality, instead they vote like they are scared to lose and it is this way of thinking that insures that they will. They bet not to lose. When you bet not to lose, you may never lose, but you'll also never win. We should bet to win.

Let's just put it all this way, how has voting for the lesser of two evils benefited after all these years? Has voting Democratic really stopped all of "Bush's endless wars for oil" and whatever happened to Democratic oppostion to foreign wars or the Patriot Act? Has voting for the major parties changed how you feel about your young daughters or sons groped at the airport or are you cool with that? How is the national debt been going the last few decades or so? Are your Republican politicians really shrinking government and when are those Democratic "Great Society" programs going to kick in and raise the standard of living of the poor? Do you really notice any real difference between the two sides looking at this in the long term? Nope, we have been heading in the same general direction despite which of the major parties are in the White House or Congress. Why? The answer is that they both support the same things; foreign wars, "wars on drugs" (really citizens), debt, and taking away our privacy and freedom. Basically, they both support BIG POWERFUL government because that's what gives them power. You'd better face it, both parties are for one thing and one thing only, power and they really don't care too much about the things you find important. Oh, they will say they do. Oh, they will promise you the sky and then some. Come on, even you Obama voters know he promised all kinds of things he's never delilvered and never will.

Keep seeing things in a left right paradigm and nothing will ever change, and that's just the way they want it.

If you don't start ordering off a different menu, why would you expect the food to taste different?


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