Lyme Disease - Created By the USSA Government in Collaboration with Nazi Scientists!

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Lyme Disease - Created By the USSA Government in Collaboration with Nazi Scientists!

Post by sWamp-Ass on Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:05 pm

Lyme disease is MANS FAULT!

Lyme disease is MAN MADE! It comes from United Stated Department of Agriculture experiments on ticks gone wrong on Plum Island, NY. Believe it or not they had former Nazi scientists working with the government and ticks escaped... Truth is stranger than fictions my friends...

Don't believe me, look it up!

"For decades, officials denied rumors of biological warfare experiments. But in 1993, Newsday unearthed previously classified documents on plans to disrupt the Soviet economy by spreading diseases to kill its pigs, cattle and horses. Most of the diseases studied, like African swine fever and rinderpest, affect only livestock. But one, Rift Valley fever, also occurs in humans." NY Times

"During the Cold War a secret biological weapons program targeting livestock was conducted at the site."
"Bio-weapons research
The original anti-animal BW mission was "to establish and pursue a program of research and development of certain anti-animal (BW) agents".[13] By August 1954 animals occupied holding areas at Plum Island and research was ongoing within Building 257.[9] The USDA facility, known as the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, continued work on biological warfare research until the USSA program was ended by Richard Nixon in 1969.[8] The bio-weapons research at Building 257 and Fort Terry was shrouded in aura of mystery and secrecy.[10][14] The existence of biological warfare experiments on Plum Island during the Cold War era was denied for decades by the USSA government. In 1993 Newsday unearthed documents proving otherwise and in 1994, Russian scientists inspected the Plum Island research facility to verify that these experiments had indeed ended.[14]"

"Lab 257, a book by Michael C. Carroll, Ph.D., has alleged a connection between Plum Island Animal Disease Center and the outbreaks of three infectious diseases: West Nile virus in 1999, Lyme disease in 1975, and Dutch duck plague in 1967.[6]"

"Dr. Erich Traub was a Nazi germ warfare scientist allegedly smuggled
into the United States in 1949 from the former Soviet Union under the
auspices of the top secret United States government program Operation

Dr. Traub is known as the father of the Plum Island biological
research lab, located 6 miles from Old Lyme, Connecticut. According to
the book Lab 257, by author Michael Carroll, Dr. Traub was chief of
Insel Riems, a virological research institute in the Baltic sea now
known as the Friedrich Loeffler Institute.[2]

Traub worked directly for Adolf Hitler's second in charge, Heinrich

" Dr. Steere, who first identified Lyme disease in the United States 25 years ago in a cluster of patients in Lyme, Conn. "

"Michael Carroll quotes former Plum Island lab director Jerry Callis
talking about tick research on Plum Island:

"Plum Island experimented with ticks, but never outside of
containment. We had a tick colony where you take them and feed them on
the virus and breed ticks to see how many generations it would last,
on and on, until its diluted. Recently they reinstated the tick

I don't know if a USSA patent is enough proof for you, but probably not;

"Army records show 60% of chronic Lyme patients are co-infected with several strains of mycoplasma, the most common one being mycoplasma fermentens which was patented in 1993 by the USSA Army and army pathologist Dr. Lo, "Dr. Lo Shyh-Ching-Pathogenic mycoplasma-USSA Patent 5,242,820 issued Sept. 7, 1993."

Many Lyme disease and Gulf war patients are infected with the genetically engineered organism (mycoplasma fermentens) thus Lyme and Gulf War disease symptoms are almost identical. Doxycycline is the drug of choice for both diseases"


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