Where's Waldo and Billy Rath?

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Where's Waldo and Billy Rath?

Post by sWamp-Ass on Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:40 pm

"I disappeared in 1985 for health reasons or I would have probably died as was rumored. No I didnít find religion or join a cult. What happened was that I ended up in a Christian Based Rehab to get clean and get some kind of life back. I was a mess with one foot in the grave. There Big Book was the Bible so I decided to read it, you know, work the program. This book, The Bible, spoke to me. It was like the words were written with me in mind. What I ended up finding was a Relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I didnít join a cult nor was I a fanatic.. What I did was go back to school. I now have a BS in Psychology and a Masters in Theology. I was helping/counseling people with alcohol/drug addiction. I also became a minister and Pastured a few churchesí helping people find a better way to liveÖ "

Billy Rath

Source/More Here.


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