DVD Burning Problems

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DVD Burning Problems

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 11, 2008 5:49 pm

Over the past couple of weeks, out of nowhere, I've had tons of DVD burning failures. I've made a lot of coasters lately. I think that I got it straightened out now. Here's a useful article I've found that may help you when you get in similar trubble. In short, get good media, Verbatim brand dvd's, make sure you've got an 80 cable connecting things and burn slow at 4speed. Here's the article;

Most playback issues on your DVD Player can be related to most/all of these:

1- Cheap Media Quality

2- Burned too fast

3- Burned too close to the edge of the media

4- Use DVD-R media on older DVD Players or use DVD+R and booktype them to DVD-ROM

5- Do not stick labels on your media

A) Use quality media:

- Taiyo Yuden (Media ID: TYGx, YUDENT)

- Verbatim (Media ID: MCC, MKM)

- Maxell Made In Japan (Media ID: MXLRG0x)

One of the worse media on the market, if not the worse, are made by CMC Magnetics Inc.

Media ID: CMC Mag.

Keep away from Memorex media, lots of us will call those MemoSux

I also read someone call them LandFill, it says it all !

Here are 2 good sites, to learn about media quality, and what media id to look for:




Why are Verbatim so expensive ?
Why does everyone say Verbatim media are so good ?
Are Verbatim media really 1st class quality media ?

The answer is YES, Verbatim media are worth every $$$ and are 1st class real good quality media.

See for yourself:


B) Burning too fast, may cause playback issues:

If you have cheap media, several of us will suggest not to burn those higher than x2.0

If you use quality media, some of us will suggest burning at x4.0 max to prevent playback issues.

- Skipping, Freezing etc...

Some people will say they have success burning at x8.0, and they are right.

But keep in mind, if you are going to burn at x8.0, make sure you have lots of free memory,
and use quality media like listed above.

- Stop all background tasks, Antivirus software, Anti Spyware software
- All those little software that you see on your system taskbar

I don't think anyone will suggest burning higher than x8.0, even if using new 16x media.

Some will argue they burn at 16x successfully, but several other users has proven with PIF/PIE scanning that the end results are poor quality burns.

I have read a few times, people suggesting burning at half the speed of the media certified speed:

- Burn 16x media at x8.0 max
- Burn 8x media at x4.0 max
- Burn 4x media at x2.0 max

This is a rule I follow myself (Personal Choice)

C) Here's a few quotes I picked up from AfterDawn:

- Set target size to 4300 (Custom Size in DVDShrink) to avoid further failures towards the end of the movie.

- Poor quality disc will not burn right up to the edge.

- Many DVD blank discs have uneven dye around the outer edge So we don't want to burn that far.

D) I have read several times, that older DVD Player will prefer DVD-R media.

- You can also use DVD+R and booktype them to DVD-ROM.

- Not all DVD burners can do this, so read your manual.

E) I have read several times, that people have having issues, after sticking labels on their media.

- It makes them unstable, and will cause playback issues, if they play at all.

F) A little tip that several of us will suggest, always use the latest firmware on your DVD burner
and use the latest version of the software.

- Not sure what DVD burner you have ?

- Not sure what firmware revision is installed on it ?

- Not sure what media it can write to ?

- Use tools like VSO Inspector v1.4.x or DVDInfoPro to get all these information

G) In VSO CopyToDVD and VSO ConvertXtoDVD, there is setting to prefer burning Session At Once on DVD-R Media.

This will help users with burning issues, while burning in Packet Writing mode.
5/12/2007 8:20:36 PM info Init success: DVD-R packet writing

In VSO ConvertXtoDVD, under the Burn Tab, you can find this:
[X] Prefer SAO for DVD-R

In VSO CopyToDVD, in the settings, in the Writing Devices Tab:
[X] DVD-R SAO first

H) You have installed your new IDE burner yourself ?

Do you have an old 40 wires (40 pins connector) IDE cable, or you have the faster speed support 80 wires (40 pins connector) IDE cable ? (Yes, there's 2 wires for each pins, you can see the difference just by looking at the ribbon cable).

Some people had burning issues, and it was caused by using the older 40 wires IDE cable. The new burners support much faster speeds (DMA2/DMA3/DMA4 Speeds) and require the 80 wires cable to support those speeds.

I) You have installed your new IDE burner yourself ?

Make sure 1 device is set Master and one device set to Slave.
Or have both set to "Cable Select"

Dell Computers prefers "Cable Select", I personally had some issues when manually settings things to Master/Slave myself.

J) You DVD will not play, it will give you errors like "Wrong Region" etc...

Do you see this in your log ?
15-11-2007 12:56:39 info NTSC 29.97 FPS output format set automatically

or this
15-11-2007 11:48:16 info PAL 25 FPS output format set automatically

In the settings, use the needed setting, based on where you live.
Change the Automatic to NTSC or PAL.
Having a video automaticly converted to PAL when you need NTSC will cause you issued.

If you follow these rules, you should have success !!!

Also, you can read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the VSO Website:

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Re: DVD Burning Problems

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:12 am

thanks for your tips


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