Celente Let's Loose on the WWF (WashingtonDC Wrestling Federation)

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Celente Let's Loose on the WWF (WashingtonDC Wrestling Federation)

Post by kaptainsteve on Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:39 pm

This election is more of the same. It's the Washington Wrestling Federation. They pretend they are going out in the ring and throwing each other on the mat with phoney bologna moves, then they go in the locker rooms and make backroom deals.

If these words were spoken by a lunatic you'd expect them, but they were spoken by a Federal Reserve spokesperson. "People should save less and spend more?!" This is lunacy, this is sick thinking and that's the Federal Reserve is.

The Federal Reserve is sick people! Look what they're doing!

QEII. Save the kiddie talk for the high school crowd or the kids in college. Quantitative easing!?

How about flooding the market with digital money?? You are devaluing the dollar before our eyes! A currency war is breaking out. They are sacrificing the American people by devalue the American dollar so the so the money junkies at Goldman Sachs, The Bank of America and the city group criminals can continue to get their money fix. I'm sick of people talking about socialism. This isn't socialism. This is fascism! This country's been taking over by the banks. Work harder so they can make more?! Who made this one up!?


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