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1. Do not have anything wider than 350 pixels. Pictures or links. Sometimes a long url can extend the width of the post past 350px. Anything wider than 350px makes the middle column toooo wide and it pushes the right/third column off the screen. Check your posts for this, if you go wider, you'll be banned from posting. Correct scripting to limit width of pictures in posts for the first tag is "[img(350px,350px]"

2. Try to include pictures in all Swamp-Ass "News" contributions. It's important to include at least one picture at the beginning of the post for attractiveness. People don't like too much word readin' you know. Pictures not necessary in other forums, although highly desirable. Put it near the top so it catches the eye.

3. If you cut and paste stories, please include a link to the source to give credit. We don't want no trubble with the law ya know. Also, try only to use a snippet of the story and not the whole thing and don't forget to include a link (source link is fine) to the rest of the story.

4. No porn. No Racist shellac. No Personal attacks toward members. Be nice. Attack policticians and political figures, but not each other.

5. Write your own stuff. Use quote tags when you cut and paste other's work, and make sure you include a source link directing to the original source.

6. No abbreviations or instant messenger or myspace-speak. Spell all words out. We ain't illetterite here you know.

7. ONLY posts uploaded on the Swamp-Ass News forum will appear on the portal page. So, make sure you post your item there if you want it to appear on the portal page.

8. No hate or racist posts or anything against Forumotion Terms of Service. All users are responsible for their own submissions and for adhering to Forumotion Terms of Service.. Violations will be immediately removed and violators banned.

All of the Following content is prohibited;

Sexual and/or pornographic content
Violent or repulsive content
Hateful or abusive content
Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
Harmful and dangerous acts
Drugs and any other illicit substance
Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription
Copyright infringment
Phishing and/ or malware website
Credit card fraud

Any violations will or can be reported here.

9. REQUIRED READING!!!! For the record, this is not Digg or ABC, this site is pro-liberty and freemarket economics, period. I don't mind other points of views in posts, but just know, that's what the main focus here is. We are pro-liberty and proud of it. If you can't understand why, then you need to read Frederick Bastiat's great pamphlet entitled "The Law" HERE. In fact, it's required reading BEFORE you post!!!

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