More Regulations Just Don't Make Sense!

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More Regulations Just Don't Make Sense!

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 19, 2011 9:10 pm

Occupiers complain about all the lying, cheating, stealing and special favors going on on Wall Street.

I agree that "people who are willing to lie, cheat and steal, accept special favors from government officials" are not principled men.

But, those who "lie, cheat and steal" are most like breaking the law, and if they are breaking the law they should be prosecuted. The answer would then be simply just enforce the laws. Prosecute away! But if the government isn't prosecuting them, the problem seems to eminate with our government.

You must ask yourself how or what is the best way to stop this? Is it to go after those who accept the government favors? Probably not, it's like going after those who buy drugs, it just won't work. Or, should you go after the government? It's like the husband who blames the mailman for sleeping with his cheating wife. Hell, the mailman didn't vow to love, honor and obey, the wife did! The problem is not the mailman because if it wasn't the mailman, it would have been the milkman or the cable man or the Fed-ex man or someone else.

That sounds to me like the root of the evil. After all, it is the government that one, has an obligation to us, and two, should not have all this money in the first place to be dolling out. Simply put the government has tremendous power and it is this power that is getting things all messed up and it is this power that is the root of the corruption.

The #OWS 'rs complain that government is controlled by corporations and yet they want more government regulation to fix it. This makes no sense!

If government is controlled by corporations, then how in hell does anyone think that same government is going to really clean this mess up? How are more regulations the answer when the corporations will be writing those regulations? And again, we don't need more regulations, if people "lie, cheat and steal," prosecute them when they break the law.
There is only ONE way to reform things, and that is to not reform anything! We must starve the beast. If we don't seriously shrink the size and scope of government down to a fraction of what it is today. You can count on anything ever changing until government becomes so small and unimportant it is not worth it to bribe. Until this happens, things will never change for the better.

You can't nibble around the edges. You can't expect government to ever do things right. It hasn't happened in 200 years but people still expect that to change now, with more regulations? Why? It just makes no sense. Cut the size and scope of government to 1/10th of what it is today, and don't stop there, that is a good start. Then and only then we have a chance. But this won't happen because WE are the problem. We refuse to give up our gubby bennies, just like the schmucks in Greece who are too stupid to see that they are the real root of all their nations problems.

If government limited it's function and size to just protecting our borders and keeping the peace, there'd be less room for all this monkey business. There will always be corruption, this will never change, but the only way to change the equation is to limit the amount of influence our government can peddle out. Laws simply don't work and never have. Drug laws don't work, murder laws don't work, immigration laws don't work, speeding laws don't work, you get the picture.

Until we slay the size of the beast, we have no chance.

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