EAT THE RICH, by KaptainSteve & Swamp-Ass!

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EAT THE RICH, by KaptainSteve & Swamp-Ass!

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 19, 2011 9:12 am

You say "Tax The Rich."

What do you do when there are no more rich to tax?

Do you believe the CEO's, robber barons, the mean greedy rich people are denying the poor the right to live and that this can only be fixed by appropriating their wealth or taxing them?

Do you claim that this is philanthropy?

Do your needs automatically grant you a right to another's labor?

Does your claim of a greater need justify the subjugation of others to be forced to become your provider?

Do your needs grant you a moral right to do whatever you want?

When you force others to be your provider against their will isn't this slavery?

Isn't slavery immoral or is it ok as long as it is the people subjugated are selected by the majority?

Is the will of the common good more important than the rights of the few to be left alone?

Isn't this the tyranny of the majority?

Is "Tax The Rich" another way of saying I support slavery?

Do you believe you have a right to decide what to do with the labor of those you feel are "rich."

Do you believe others have a right to keep the fruit of their labor or is this true only if you let them?

Do you believe people have a right to NOT be forced to work for others?

Do you believe you and others like you should decide what to do with the labor of other people that you select?

Do you believe in slavery?

Do you say it's ok for the state to own or regulate everything and everyone?

If you do, don't you believe in slavery?

Do you believe in force, arrest and jail to enforce your wishes to create a kinder world?

Do you believe in murder to enforce your wishes?

Do you believe in murder?

Isn't this systematic and codified murder?

Do you believe in systematic murder?

If you do, do you believe in genocide?

I think that you do.

Is "Tax The Rich" another way of saying I support slavery and genocide?



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