Why Bill O'Reilly's A POS & Cain's An Idiot!

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Why Bill O'Reilly's A POS & Cain's An Idiot!

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:08 pm

& Why Cain's AN IDIOT & Ron Paul Got It ALL RIGHT!!!!

All you ever need to know about Cain in this clip;


Hes using the same old tired Ross Perot script, Im stoopid, but Ill surround myself with experts who will study the problem, identify it, find a solution, next problem.

The best thing to happen to Cain is all these Bimbos crawling out of the woodwork with their accusations, it distracts everyone from the fact that hes just another incompetent BIG government statist who has NO PLAN to reduce the size and scope of government.

His only plan is to find new ways of raising revenue to keep the government big, bloated and all-encompassing.

If we dont starve this beast, which is the opposite idea of the 9-9-9 Scam, nothing will ever change.

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