Ghaddafi Fact(?) Check

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Ghaddafi Fact(?) Check

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 23, 2011 3:25 pm

Fact check

Well over 90% of Libyans support Gaddafi, and why not! He provided free healthcare, education, housing assistance, electricity and water, as well as practically free gasoline and much more.

Americans and Europeans would welcome such "bizarre" rule. A global menace? Libyans, regional neighbors, and independent analysts know otherwise.

Bin Laden was a CIA creation, used strategically as both asset and enemy. Neither he or Gaddafi killed Americans. Claiming it doesn't mean it's so. Murdoch Journal editorials and op-eds are as disreputable as Fox News commentaries reporting everything but the truth.

On October 20, New York Times writer Neil MacFarquhar headlined, "An Erratic Leader, Brutal and Defiant to the End," saying:

"....(T)he erratic, provocative dictator who ruled Libya for 42 years, crushing opponents at home while cultivating the wardrobe and looks befitting an aging rock star, met a violent and vengeful death Thursday in the hands of the Libyan forces that drove him from power."

Fact check

Instead of reporting accurately and dispassionately, MacFarquhar resorted to pejoratives, discrediting himself in the process.

The rest of his article taunted and besmirched Gaddafi with comments like:

"By the time he was done, Libya had no parliament, no unified military command, no political parties, no unions, no civil society and non nongovernmental organizations. His ministries were hollow, with the notable exception of the state oil company."

Fact check

After seven months of NATO terror bombing and rebel mercenary atrocities, much of Libya is ravaged. A year ago it functioned effectively and efficiently in peace. A humanitarian crisis didn't exist until NATO showed up.

At best, it'll be many years before normality returns. Achieving it depends on preventing tyrannical NATO colonization, exploitation and rule. Libyans won't quit trying until they're free.

An October 20 Times editorial headlined, "Colonel Qaddafi's End," saying:

Gaddafi "died as he lived - violently. We sympathize with the Libyans who suffered for so long at the hands of the ruthless dictator and are glad he can no longer hurt them."

Transitional National Council (TNC) leaders "promised to build a democracy in a country that has never had one."

"This was always the Libyan people's fight. But the United States and Europe were also victims of Qaddafi's terrorism." Now they can help build "a stable and peaceful democracy."

Fact check

Throughout the conflict, New York Times correspondents, commentators, and editorial writers fabricated reports about Libya, Gaddafi, and NATO's savage war of aggression against a nonbelligerent country.

With other major media scoundrels, they cheerled Libya's ravaging. They substituted managed new and information for truth and accuracy. They spread false rumors, misinformation, and brazen lies.

They manipulated public opinion, supported militarism and imperial lawlessness, and remain comfortable with America and NATO partners acting as judge, jury and executioner.

Media critic AJ Liebling (1904 - 1963) once said, "People everywhere confuse what they read in the newspapers with news."

Maybe he had The New York Times in mind.

An October 20 Washington Post editorial headlined, " For post-Gaddafi Libya, 'now the hard part begins,' " saying:

Gaddafi's "death....prompted jubilation in Tripoli and relief in Western capitals on Thursday.... (It) reduces the chance of a prolonged insurgency against Libya's new authorities, who have pledged to create a liberal democracy and hold elections in eight months."

Fact check

Libyan loyalists vow to continue their liberating struggle and resist occupation, colonization and exploitation. Western capitals know it and aren't celebrating.

America, Britain and France plan puppet rule. They won't tolerate free elections and democracy. They have none in their own countries, dominated by duopoly power serving privileged, not popular interests.

"Civil society groups, free media and political parties have begun to form in the eastern half of the country, which has been free since last winter."

Fact check

Loyalists control most of Libya. Colonizers never allow media freedom and legitimate multi-party formations. Libyans remain at war to free themselves from a predatory monster they won't tolerate.

"Libya's stabilization under a democratic government could help tip the broader wave of change in the Arab Middle East toward those favoring freedom."

Fact check

America's new Middle East project plans regional dominance across North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia to Russia's borders. Democratic freedom doesn't exist in its vocabulary and never did.

Like Iraqis, Afghans, Palestinians, and other oppressed people, Libyans know they're in for a long liberation struggle. Courageous and committed, they won't quit until free.
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