Hypocrisy of Obama & The Left

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Hypocrisy of Obama & The Left

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:28 pm

So Obama enters a war against a foe who had no intention of attacking us, where no vital USSA interests were in jeopardy, and then after the 60 days are up he illegally keeps us in that war lying to us about our intentions (since when do tanks and convoys fly?) but its all a-ok because the dictator is dead?


If anyone deserved the treatment given to Khaddafi it is KSM. He deserved to be drug through the streets, beaten and summarily executed. But the left whined and railed because the man was waterboarded. After which he gave hugely valuable information. Now this animal is executed (and deserved the treatment received) but we hear no whines about human rights and all that jazz.

Tom Maguire reminds us of another hypocrisy. Recall the complaints given by the left over the Iraq war. Specifically that we had no plan AFTER we defeated the enemy. Funny how were not hearing those complaints now as Obama leads from behind, but is quick to take all the kudos for the death of Khaddafi.

Im happy the thug is dead, but the whole thing stinks to high heaven of mindblowing hypocrisy.

Source/More here.

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