The Intolerance of the Elite.

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The Intolerance of the Elite.

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:25 pm

Elites are intolerant because they should be. They know what's best for you and any resistance is therefore a hindrance. Resisters fall into one of two categories. They are either dumb ignorant hicks who just don't know any better, you know, those who still crawl and slither around the earth somehow evading the enlightenment of the elite's guiding light. Or, they are evil. You know, people who are racist, polluters or greedy corporate billionaires.

You see, tolerant is something the elite claim to be, but tolerance is a quality that they are lacking the most. They have no tolerance for dissenters. And to be a dissenter there must be something wrong with you. Either you are stupid or evil, after all, what else could it be? The elite have offered you all the guidance, security and protection you need and if you would only trust them you would be so much better off.

So, either you believe in global warming or your a cave dwelling idiot or a corporate robber baron who wants to pollute the earth for profit. Either you want universal health care or you a dumb hillbilly or someone who is to greedy to want to help others. Either you voted for Obama or you are a redneck or capitalist pig.

Tolerance is something that no longer has any business in our modern world. We can't afford it or the world will boil over, orphans will die from lack of vaccinations, or you just don't trust Marxists.

You have no right to resist the will of others. This would not be fair. You should only obey and submit. Resistance is simply proof of your ignorance or evilness. The more you resist, the more you prove your need to reigned in by the elite.

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