The Standard Answer For All Stoopid Collectivists Statements

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The Standard Answer For All Stoopid Collectivists Statements

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:21 pm

Former Google executive Douglas Edwards asked Obama during Monday’s LinkedIn town hall in California, “Would you please raise my taxes?”

I'm so sick of hearing the collectivists of all colors; the outright Marxists, the caring and enlightened academics and intelligentsia or the arrogant elitists pseudo-intellectuals rationalize ad nauseam why their programs and ideas are so lofty. In the end, it always boils down to this, they care more you do and their beliefs prove it. Their identified needy need THEIR help and not YOURS. After all, YOU don't support caring entitlement and welfare programs. If you are not part of the solution, you must be the problem.

Well, No matter what the specific issue is, here's the response I created that should cover any number of their issues;

Feel free to cut and paste it in any comment forum you wish.

While you claim to want to help others, what you really want is to live at the expense of other people. And what's worse is you want to create a government that will commit the crime, stealing other people's labor, for you because of your distaste for that kind of work - dirty thievery.

Before you demand by law my participation into your scheme ask yourself this. Why don't you and your like-minded brethern VOLUNTARY form cooperatives or organizations to provide any type of "saftey-net" or service you want for any people that you want to? Why is it that YOUR philanthropic and selfless schemes always demand my recruitment? Allow me to answer, because it's less painful for you to STEAL OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY TO DO IT than use your own.

Simply put, you are a phony. Your solutions are nothing more than false philanthropy. Take from others by force, to give to a selected few of your preference. You see yourself as an enlightened progressive but you are not. What you advocate is nothing more than barbaric thievery in a disguise of philanthropy.

You wish to steal from others to support YOUR ideas of utopia. Your utopia may be a utopia for you and those you select, but what about those who want no part of it, those who don't have similar beliefs, those who believe enabling is not help? What do you do with those who resist? Do you throw them in jail or kill them? Well, in the end you must because how else will you finance and "enforce" this utopia on everyone?

Your Utopia/communism/marxism/progressivism/liberalism or whatever you wish to call it (living hell is more accurate) always ends the same way because it's NOT voluntary, it's based on nothing more than coercion, force, fear, and in the end, genocide.

Do your own stealing or use your own money to do good, otherwise, just shut-up and go away.

Source/More Here.

“Would you please raise my taxes?”

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