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Filetopia Tips

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To change the port in filetopia 2.10 go to Tools->Options->Security and change the port number to 444 for example. To change the port in filetopia 3.01 go to Tools->Options->Server.
Source/More Here.

Filetopia can work behind firewalls, but the system administrator must create specific rules at the firewall. Also, random ports and Backup port must be disabled in Tools->Options->Server (in version 2.10: Tools->Options->Security). The ports chosen there must be told to the system administrator for the rules to be created. By default Filetopia 3.01 uses TCP and UDP port 443. In the case of proxies, due to the nature of Filetopia, there are some things that will never work. Remember: Filetopia is a full fledged file server and servers don't work behind proxies. But connection to the Chat servers is possible as long as you use some kind of proxy client. In this case, you will be able to use the messaging system and connect to an external file server, but you wont be able to share files.

How to disable Windows XP's Firewall: Home
Windows XP has a built in firewall (ICF) wich may be enabled by default, causing problems in Filetopia with sharing or downloading files. This firewall can be disabled using the procedure below. You must be logged on to your computer with an owner account in order to complete this procedure.
To enable or disable Internet Connection Firewall
Open Network Connections (Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double–click Network Connections.)

Click the Dial–up, LAN or High–Speed Internet connection that you want to protect, and then, under Network Tasks, click Change settings of this connection.

On the Advanced tab, under Internet Connection Firewall, select one of the following:

To enable Internet Connection Firewall (ICF), select the Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet check box.

To disable Internet Connection Firewall, clear the Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet check box. This disables the firewall.

Source/More Here.

How to fix connection problems and get rid of bricks
Before you do anything else....

close any other Chat or P2P programs until your Filetopia problems are solved!

Check to see if Internet Explorer is using a 'proxy' as this can impact Filetopia / Tesla
(don't use a proxy) Look in Control Panel> Internet Options>Connections and
conection properties or LAN settings

1. if you have Windows XP, ensure that the Internal Firewall is deactivated

2. If you have a Router, set it to use Port 443 tcp / udp (if unsure, refer to owners manual)
By default, Filetopia uses port 443. Please maintain that and DO NOT use the
'Allow Random Port or Backup Port settings!

3. under Options>Connection, set Filetopia to Auto-Detect your connection type

4. If you are using a Personal Firewall (Zone Alarm, Sygate, etc) ensure that it is allowing
Filetopia to act as a server. *For more info on Routers and Firewalls,go here:
Advanced Firewall Info for Filetopia with screenshots

NOTE: If you intend to use another P2P program, it's important to limit the bandwidth
in both P2P programs so that neither will hog all of the bandwidth, while the other gets

If all this fails, open the Channel List in Filetopia and and look for SUPPORT, and go
to the channel called 'Router and Firewall Support'. Someone there should be able
to help you diagnose the problem, though you may need to wait a while (all volunteers). Source/More Here.

Tons of stuff here.

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