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The news about the economy is not good.

But you probably already know that.

It seems that all you hear about lately are downgrades, precarious stock market dives, persistently high unemployment, and debt crises in Europe. In fact, a lot of people are starting to say that the news about the economy sounds an awful lot like it did in 2008, when the United States and the rest of the world fell into a debilitating recession that it still has not recovered from.

So, are we heading for a double-dip recession that could be deeper, longer and more painful than the last?

Potentially, some economists say, but we’re not there yet.

David Moran, August 12, 2011, from

"Economists say we're not there yet?" You've gotta be kidding or are you just an Obama apologist? Which ever you are, you most likely have a job and don't exactly see reality through the lens of those who don't or those who are struggling during these desperate economical times not only in America, but around the world.

Real USSA unemployment AND inflation when measured in REAL terms as it was measured in the 70's both have been hovering around 20% for over a year now ( )as recorded by .

Simply put, Obama is an economic illiterate and there will be no relief coming from the White House anytime soon. The Fed just announce it will keep interest rates at zero and there will be a "Quantitative Easing III." Both policies, simply pump more un-backed money into the system and comprise the very definition of inflation.

Inflation is not only a policy, it is really an invisible tax that hurts the poor the most because, unlike the rich who have plenty of discretionary money, the poor spend the large majority of their income on necessities. Obamanomics hurts America's poor at a time when they really don't deserve or can afford any more.

Face it, Obamanomics is a failure. The "Historic President" has taken what little was left of the economy and has driven it off a cliff. He promised America to "fundamentally transform America" and boy did he deliver! Welcome to the third-world.

We are not in a recession or a "double dip." We are in the beginnings of a DEPRESSION and the near Depression-era unemployment and inflation rates prove this. If you think you see any relief coming in the next 18 months, you'd better change the batteries in your crystal ball.

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