Making Enemies & Going Broke!

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Making Enemies & Going Broke!

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 28, 2011 4:35 pm

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The cost of US foreign policiy is officially 711 Billion - 43% of the world's total
This DOESN'T include In 2010, $400 billion of our tax money went toward paying off past war debts;
Then their are another few 100 billion in miscellaneous off-pentagon budged things
"It is essential to also consider Washington’s various other “national security” budgets. That of course includes the costs of Washington’s 16 different intelligence services, the percentage of the annual national debt to pay for past war expenses, Homeland Security, nuclear weapons, additional annual spending requests for Iraq and Afghan wars, military retiree pay and healthcare for vets, NASA, FBI (for its war-related military work), etc. When it’s all included it comes to $1,398 trillion for fiscal 2010, according to the War Resisters League and other sources."

True Cost of American Wars/Troops= 1.4 TRILLION!
There are 6000 military bases and/ or military warehouses located in the USSA (See Wikipedia, February 2007 / ).
The list of US foreign interventions is endless;
Cost of deploying one USSA soldier for one year in Iraq - $390,000
there are 325,000 US military personnel in foreign countries:

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800 in Africa,
97,000 in Asia (excluding the Middle East and Central Asia),
40,258 in South Korea,
40,045 in Japan,
491 at the Diego Garcia Base in the Indian Ocean,
100 in the Philippines, 196 in Singapore,
113 in Thailand,
200 in Australia,
and 16,601 Afloat.

We are policing the world and we are making enemies and going broke doing it.

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