What Does Ann Coulter & Bill O'Reilly Really Believe?

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What Does Ann Coulter & Bill O'Reilly Really Believe?

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:41 pm

Ann Coulter has been all over the media accusing Ron Paul and Libertarians as being cowards and hypocrites. Let's examine what she says find out who the coward really is.

In Ann Coulter’s latest column she explains why she hates libertarians.

She says that “most libertarians are cowering frauds too afraid to upset anyone to take a stand on some of the most important cultural issues of our time.” She is referring to Ron Paul’s positions on things like gay marriage and Social Security and Medicare. Libertarians like Ron Paul believe that there is an easy answer to problems like this, remove government force and intervention from them. If government didn’t regulate and control these things, then people would have to look elsewhere to place blame or seek solutions with regard to them.

Ron Paul believes that the whole gay-marriage controversy could be easily solved if government simply removed itself altogether from the marriage business. In other words, allow marriage to be something between those getting married and their church and no one else, like other religious sacraments such as baptism or communion. Remove government intervention, and you remove the political problems associated with marriage gay or otherwise.

Coulter’s hostility toward Ron Paul and the ideas of Libertarians is that she has a problem envisioning things other than how they’ve always been during her lifetime. Government has always been her big daddy, protecting her.

She complains that if government is not managing and regulating human relationships via marriage, divorce, and custody laws, who will? She worries who decide where the kids and the grandfather clock go after a nasty and hostile breakup if the government doesn’t step in and decide these things rationally?

Maybe the answer is really as simple as individuals should decide these things among themselves through mutual agreement. This is how most aspects of life’s biggest arrangements are handled already, they are called voluntary private contracts. Worried about who get the kids or the grandfather clock? Then, maybe you better put something in writing or be more careful who you shack up with. When individuals know that they alone are responsible for these things, most often they will take care of them. And, in the instances where irresponsible people act irresponsibly, that is exactly what families, church and charities are for.

She complains Libertarians brag about wanting smaller and limited government and scream about cutting this and chopping that but they coward when it comes to taking away grandma’s medicare or Social Security.

Coulter claims this because Ron Paul said he wouldn’t strip these programs and their commitments away from those who’ve paid into them and have planned on receiving them all their lives. This makes sense, but Coulter sees this as hypocritical. Ann is the hypocrite. She knows that these programs are financially unsustainable (they’re broke) and will end one way or another. The money isn’t there and the math just doesn’t add up. Either we plan for a managed elimination of these programs or things will crash and burn in chaos.

No one wants to deny those who’ve planned their lives and come to expect things like Social Security or Medicare to be there. Ann Coulter is simply attempting to use ridicule to discredit Ron Paul and Libertarians (the same way that Bill O'Reilly does) because they are challenging the GOP status quo. Her motivation is purely to protect those who believe in big government. But, if the eventuality of the money running out isn’t planned for, NO ONE will get any benefits at all. Coulter knows this. We all know this.

For decades both parties have been spending like drunken sailors. And for the past two years the President and his party have doubling down on big government and bigger debt. It’s time to face the truth that daddy’s money is all gone and the party will be soon over. We’d better start cleaning up the mess now, before it’s too late.

Libertarians want much smaller government and this may be exactly what we need.


Watch John Stossel try to explain this to Bill O'Reilly here.

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