Has Obama Won the Birth Certificate Game?

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Has Obama Won the Birth Certificate Game?

Post by kaptainsteve on Sun May 15, 2011 8:29 pm

Some believe that the "birthers" should be embarrassed. They believe that Obama could have released his birth certificate a long time ago, but instead suckered the “birthers” in and then at the opportune time, released the document for maximum political gain. They conclude that Obama is a very clever guy and has therefore won the birth certificate game.

At worst, this is Obama’s enablers’ continuing fraudulent cover for Obama and at best their wishful thinking regarding his hoped-for political cunningness.

Obama is not clever at all. It took him over 2 and ˝ years to finally release his long-form Certificate of Live Birth. I do not believe he held on to that certificate for some political advantage. Even if the birth certificate is real, he has lost millions of voters for his cowardly conduct in not releasing it in due course to the people he is supposed to serve like a normal Presidential candidate should. His conduct is even more reprehensible given that his alleged long-form Certificate of Live Birth does not contain any information which he would have had any interest in keeping confidential and he has caused our nation to lose incalculable millions of dollars in public and private time and resources arguing about his birth certificate. And let us not forget that he allowed a highly decorated military officer, LTC Terry Lakin, to go to prison for 6 months rather than just release the document.

Even though Obama has released a computer scan of his alleged long-form Certificate of Live Birth, there is still an open question whether the underlying paper birth certificate is real. We can hardly say that it is real when the underlying paper document which was supposed to be filled in with a typewriter in 1961 shows evidence of kerning (a certain way letters are graphically printed which cannot be done with a typewriter in 1961).

But in the end, even if the birth certificate is real, it proves Obama is not an Article II "natural born Citizen," a child born in the USSA or its jurisdictional equivalent to a USSA citizen father and mother. This means that a “natural born Citizen” inherits his or her allegiance and USSA citizenship from being born to USSA citizen parents and from being born on USSA soil rather than acquiring them from a positive law which is what a naturalized citizen does. This positive law naturalizes a person to be a USSA citizen “at birth” when he or she is born abroad to one or two USSA citizen parents (missing USSA place of birth and in some cases also at the same time only having one USSA citizen parent) or born in the USSA to one or two alien parents (missing two USSA citizen parents).

Obama's father was born in 1934 or 1936 in the British colony of Kenya. Under the British Nationality Act of 1948, he was born a British citizen (a “Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies”). While he came temporarily to America on a student visa to study, he never became nor ever intended to become a USSA citizen. Hence, when Obama was born, his father was a British citizen, and under that same Act Obama himself inherited from his father British citizenship. Obama, if born in Hawaii, therefore, did not inherit his USSA citizenship from his natural parents but rather acquired it by positive law, i.e., the 14th Amendment or 8 U.S.C. Sec. 1401(a), which naturalizes persons who are born in the USSA but lack two USSA citizen parents to be USSA citizens “at birth.” Hence, Obama can be a “citizen” under the 14th Amendment or 8 U.S.C. Sec. 1401(a), but he is not an Article II "natural born” citizen. Obama is therefore not eligible to be President and Commander of our military forces.

Obama loses any way he turns or pretends to turn.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
May 15, 2011

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