"The Smartest President Of All Time" Quotes;

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"The Smartest President Of All Time" Quotes;

Post by Admin on Tue May 03, 2011 7:28 pm

You can hold our “feets” to the fire and not even the Marine “Corpse” would be able to interfere. I know this as well as I know every one of the “57 states” I visited in 2008 and as well as I understand the Middle East, an issue that has “plagued the Middle East for centuries.” Furthermore, I want to make the case for government-run health care since the government-run post office is rife with “inefficiencies” but privately-owned UPS and FedEx are thriving. Now, I don’t speak “Austrian” and I bowl like a “Special Olympics” kid but I can tell when a Cambridge cop acts “stupidly.” “My Muslim faith” teaches us to understand things like that. I may not know the difference between Kansas City and “St. Louis” but I do know “Israel will always be a strong friend of Israel’s.” I’m not like those “bitter people who cling to guns and religion” and hate foreigners even if I do confuse dead people with “ten thousand.” I’m always open to “advise” but not criticism for bowing to a foreign potentate or giving cheap, useless dvd’s to a prime minister or for spending $40,000 on a date with my bride. And, as far as picking tax cheats for my Cabinet, they’re all good people.
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